A selection of a recent projects:


Chirp Chirp, Chop Chop

A painter runs into Artist's Block the day before he needs to turn in the final painting for his upcoming exhibition. The insistent chirping of birds outside, getting louder and louder as the night drags on, only serves to aggravate his situation.

Doomsday Survivor


Nino, a young man, is accused of being a murderer. He is thrown in prison although he denies the accusations. That very night, the volcano overlooming the village erupts… In an instant, incandescent ashes and lava descend without mercy, drowning the houses and people in flames. Nino is protected by the thick walls of his prison cell, but a few flames still manage to get in, causing Nino to faint. The next morning, upon regaining consciousness, he emerges from the ashes to discover he is the sole survivor. He falls to his knees and prays.

To the Zoo!


A grandpa takes his granddaughter to the zoo where she discovers new animals and cotton candy.



Character design based on the song "(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay" by Otis Redding.